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Welcome to Toronto No Gi.

Toronto BJJ (No Gi) Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Toronto's best Muay Thai.

Question: Can you earn your black belt and not train in the gi? Isn't the gi mandatory
Renzo Gracie: No, some guys only train no gi and are Black belts!

We are located in midtown, Toronto, seconds from St. Clair subway station on Yonge St. Our academy is easy to find, directly across from Tim Horton's and Shoppers Drug Mart, with plenty of easy access parking available.


"I recently discovered the great art of Muay Thai and have been in search for the right gym for me. After trying  other gyms prior to Toronto Nogi, I decided to give them a try due to the great reviews from a friend of mine. With a free 2 week trial I had nothing to loose and after it was done there was no more convincing needed to get me to sign up! Not only is it a great facility but the instructors are very knowledgeable, and the classes are top notch. At Toronto Nogi you become part of a family as everyone is very nice and welcoming and willing to help get the techniques right. Because you are training with people that have been doing this for years, you are able to learn a lot faster than gyms that separates you into beginner and advanced classes.

I highly recommend Toronto Nogi to anyone interested in Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, or MMA. Wether you are just starting out or have been doing martial arts for years, this gym is a great place to train. My fitness level has increased dramatically since I joined the gym and I am able to push myself to new levels of fitness thanks to the instructors and peers.”


"I've been here now for a few months, and I've been holding off on writing a review until I felt I got to know the place. 
What really stands out about this place is the high quality of instruction and the friendly environment. Every day you are learning something new and in no time I found myself going from not having any clue, to eventually submitting someone for the first time.

The students here are dedicated and always looking to improve their technique, but at the same time easy going and laid back – which makes coming to class a lot more enjoyable.  

Lastly, the amount of “open-mat” time we get at Toronto NoGi is unlike any other place and really makes a difference in ones Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu progress."