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"Ian is a very intelligent and technical instructor that puts the success of his students at the top of his priority list - Ian really can make anyone good at Jiu Jitsu" .

Peter Z - BJJ Black Belt, Associate Director of the World No Gi Jiu Jitsu Association.

"Recommendation.. These guys kicked my ass and I'd been training for over 10 years. They are lunatics. If you're serious about challenging your cardio, your fighting and your no gi skills, go here immediately!!"

Nic – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown belt, two stripes.

Catherine - Merchant Services

"Ian is an awesome instructor with great attention to detail, and has a very impressive understanding of Next Generation, Brazilian jiu-jitsu and MMA."
Chris Brennan - Founder of Next Generation MMA, No Gi Industries, and 3rd Degree Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt.

Ian's approach to teaching illuminates fundamental principles rather than just specific techniques. His approach to BJJ reveals how the movements relate, empowering students to recognize patterns and employ them in the development of their practice. He teaches a language, not just isoloated words or phrases. I highly recommend Ian and Toronto No Gi.

Simon W. - Associate Creative Director.

Training at Toronto No Gi BJJ and with Ian had a tremendous, and positive impact in my life. After I quit music, I replaced the gap with the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Toronto, and ever since, I've been hooked by both the style of martial arts and awe-inspiring environment Toronto No Gi BJJ offers. Within months of training No Gi BJJ, I have easily controlled people who have outweighed me by as much as 100 pounds! Achieving Gold in BJJ in Mississauga, and then silver medal at the Ontario Provincials BJJ Championships, all within one year, is all thanks to Ian's great teaching style and the gyms positive environment. Thanks, Ian."

Carlos – York University Philosophy Graduate. Founder of NeoJits Tv.

"The trainers at Toronto NoGi BJJ are amazing and supportive instructors. They are extremely encouraging and inspirational, providing motivation to learn and grow. The un-intimidating environment is perfect for new comers and challenging enough to whip any seasoned pro into shape - while learning a couple new tricks!"

Suzanne Carte - Assistant Curator, Art Gallery- York University

"Ian takes an interest in my training, which is rare. I've done other martial arts for many years, and those coaches never took and interest in my attendance. Ian calls and texts to motivate me. The students at Toronto No Gi are very lucky"

Alex – Corrections officer.

"Sabir's Sanshou for MMA classes are fun and challenging! I find his pedagogy very effective and his attitude is always motivational, humble and helpful. Under his tutelage, I realized I have the potential to kick some serious butt"
Vivian - Provincial Officer, Ministry of Environment.

"I've been doing martial arts since I was six years old. I grew up in Florida and trained there in wrestling, bjj, and san shou. When I moved to Canada. When I came across Toronto No Gi BJJ and decided to take a class I was immediately hooked by the positive learning energy and attitude of the students as well as the instructor. Ian's approach to teaching bjj with his attention to detail, makes it simple and fun to learn, while at the same time getting a great workout and developing muscle memory. I would recommend Toronto No Gi BJJ to people of all levels who want to train hard and have fun doing so."

Vic – Personal Trainer, Good Life Fitness

"Over the course of my four years as a martial artist, I've had the opportunity to train at gyms in Australia, Thailand, and throughout the GTA. This exposure has helped me determine exactly which criteria a gym needs to meet in order to satisfy my needs. As a student with limited transportation options, I really appreciate a convenient location and flexible payment options. Being located at Yonge/St. Clair, Toronto No Gi BJJ is easily accessible via the Yonge subway line. Furthermore, Toronto No Gi BJJ offers multiple, competitively priced payment options – there's even a student discount!

However, all of this information is easily attainable with a bit of research and does little to illuminate exactly why I signed up to train at Toronto No Gi BJJ and why I will continue to train their for the foreseeable future. You see, I've been training with Ian long before he set Toronto No Gi BJJ in motion, back when he taught a small band of No Gi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu enthusiasts at York University in northern Toronto. There, it became apparent to me that Ian was a teacher of high calibur. His devotion to the art, coupled with his ability to explain and demonstrate his vast knowledge of No Gi BJJ theory and technique made for a thoroughly stimulating learning experience.

Naturally, I was excited to learn about Ian's ambitious plans to establish his own No Gi BJJ gym, as I knew he possessed the vision and skill to create something amazing, and he has. Ian, along with his incredibly talented and experienced team of instructors offer a curriculum that will truly help you evolve as a martial artist. In addition, you'll be training alongside a group of enthusiastic and keen students who exhibit a great deal of camaraderie. Come try a free class and join this great community of martial artists!"

Alex Kendall - York University Political Science Major.

" I am constantly learning new techniques and drills that keep the simplest of positions constantly evolving and exciting. The guys are ridiculously funny, always friendly, happy to teach, and roll just to make sure that you got it, and always humble, as are the coaches. What held me back from joining initially was the fact that I know a bit about working out; weights, yoga, and circuit training. I'm the last person to join a gym where all I'm going to do is running, push-ups and ab-crunches. I can do that at home for a lot less money. After joining however, I realized that they train you extremely well with techniques, drills, and constant repetition and supervision. After a 9 hour work-day I need to go somewhere where I'll have some fun, get some good exercise, and realize that there's a whole other part of my mind that is hungry for more! "

Mahid – Clinical Supervisor.